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If you want to pay your favourite content creator but you don’t feel comfortable sharing your credit or debit card details online, you can use a Getsby virtual Mastercard instead.

With the Getsby disposable Black Card or reloadable Green Card, you can subscribe to influencers’ social media channels, pay for premium content, buy merchandise and give tips.

Getsby Prepaid Virtual Cards

Virtual Green Card

Virtual Green Card

  • Instant delivery
  • No credit check
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Card fee € 3.99 + 3.0%
  • Top-up: 3.0% (min € 2)
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Virtual Black Card - Getsby

Virtual Black Card

  • Instant delivery
  • No credit check
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Card fee € 2.99 + 3.0%
  • 5 cards per day
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How do I use a prepaid card to follow my favourite content creators and influencers?

You can pay a content creator or influencer using either a Getsby disposable Virtual Black Card or a reloadable Virtual Green Card.

How you do this varies depending on which social media platform you’re using, but in most cases, you simply go to your account settings and add your payment method using your virtual card details rather than your credit or debit card details.

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a physical or virtual card which you can load money onto and then use to make purchases and ATM withdrawals.

They work in a similar way to regular debit or credit cards, whereby, to make a purchase, you enter the long number on the front, the expiry date and the CVV.

You can use a Getsby prepaid virtual card at any merchant that accepts Mastercard, including online shops and subscription services.

What creator platforms can I use a prepaid card on?

You can use a prepaid card to subscribe, follow or reward your favourite content creators on the following social media platforms:


OnlyFans is used by many content creators, including celebrities, fitness trainers, writers, singers and chefs. They provide videos and images to users willing to subscribe to their channels.

To pay for OnlyFans with a prepaid card, you need to set up the card in your OnlyFans account. Once it’s linked, you can purchase subscriptions and access unique content. Using a prepaid card will also prevent “OnlyFans” from appearing on your bank statements.

Onlyfans without credit card

MYM Fans

MYM Fans is similar to the OnlyFans platform in that users subscribe to content creators’ channels to get access to exclusive and personalised content that hasn’t been shared on other platforms or with other MYM Fans users who have not subscribed.

To access locked content on MYM Fans using a prepaid card, simply enter your prepaid card details rather than selecting the PayPal payment option.



Ko-fi is an online platform that helps content creators such as artists, writers, and musicians get financial support in the form of fan donations.

While there is the option to set up recurring donations, Ko-fi works more as a tip jar than a subscription service.

To use a virtual card for virtual tipping on Ko-fi, choose to pay by card and enter your prepaid card details instead of selecting the PayPal option.



Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to make money from fans who subscribe to their channels to access their YouTube videos, blogs, music and other content.

You can use your virtual card to pay for Patreon subscriptions and unique content by adding it to your account.

Patreon Logo 2023


StreamYard is a live streaming software that allows you to broadcast on your browser via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

You can choose to either use StreamYard for free or pay to upgrade to a better plan and benefit from more features.

You may not want to use your credit or debit card to upgrade. Using a prepaid card instead adds an extra layer of security, as your bank account isn’t directly linked to the virtual card. This means that your bank account details aren’t compromised if there is a security breach on the StreamYard website. To use your Getsby card to pay for StreamYard content, just enter your prepaid card details instead.

streamyard without a credit card


SubscribeStar is another membership-based website that lets creators get paid for the content they publish. It works on a subscription model, where fans can subscribe to an influencer’s content, allowing them to view it.

To subscribe to SubscribeStar using a prepaid card, click ‘Subscribe’ on a creator’s profile page, choose the tier you wish to subscribe to and enter your prepaid card details.

subscribestar without paypal


TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows its users to create and share 15-second video clips.

Both creators and fans can buy TikTok coins, which can be used to either send gifts to creators or promote videos in order to drive traffic.

You can buy TikTok coins with a prepaid card by going to the settings menu on your profile page and opting to use your prepaid card rather than linking your bank card to your TikTok account. Alternatively, you can connect your prepaid card to your PayPal account and pay using PayPal instead.

Tiktok Coins

ChatGPT & OpenAI

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot created by OpenAI help with customer care.

However the ChatGPT is also used by people for writing code and translating or by creators to generate content like blog posts, stories and images.

Both ChatGPT and OpenAI API are available for a paid subscription. If you wish to pay for ChatGPT and OpenAI with a virtual Mastercard card, simply open your account and add the card to the payment methods.

OpenAI - ChatGPT Plus


Distrokid is a digital music distribution service for musicians to get their music and cover art onto streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tiktok and many more.

Unlike other music distribution companies, Distrokid operates on an annual subscription model, which means you can upload an unlimited amount of music and keep 100% of the earnings. You can choose from three payment plans depending on if you are an independent artist or a producer, and you also have the option of splitting earnings between co-writers, co-performers and producers.

To pay for Distrokid with a prepaid card, you simply need to select your payment plan and add your Getsby card details to the account.

Distrokid Header Logo

Who are some of the biggest content creators and influencers?

It’s no surprise that some of the biggest influencers are celebrities. A study found that stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have the most Facebook (Meta), Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok, Twitch, X (Twitter) and YouTube followers.

However, the increasing popularity of social media has enabled regular people to rise to fame and become powerful influencers too. Some examples of these include TikToker Charli D’Amelio and YouTube’s Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg and Seán “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin.

What are the benefits of using a prepaid card?

There are many benefits of using a prepaid card rather than a bank card to pay your favourite creators and influencers. Some of these are:

  • It’s more discrete — A prepaid card isn’t linked to your bank account, so your purchases won’t appear on your bank statements.
  • It’s a more secure form of payment — If there’s a security breach on the platform you’re using, your bank account won’t be affected.
  • You can’t go overdrawn — You can only spend what you’ve loaded onto the card, meaning you won’t incur fees for going over your credit or overdraft limit.


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