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Frequently asked questions

Why am I charged an activation fee for the Virtual Mastercard Gift Card?

Our gift cards work differently from all other gift cards. This means that we not earn commissions on the funds spend with the gift card like our colleagues. This is why we have to charge extra costs for using the gift card. Please find the breakdown of the fee below:

  1. Activation of your card account;
  2. Costs for using the worldwide Mastercard network;
  3. and a little margin so that we can also earn something 🙂

After issuance, your Getsby Virtual Mastercard Gift Card is valid for 3 year with no additional user fees.

What are the benefits of the Virtual Black Card?

  • Card information remains safe during a data breach and in cases of ordering from an untrustworthy website.
  • The card can be used by more than 35.9 million Mastercard merchants worldwide.
  • Super quick and easy to order.
  • Perfect for single use.
  • Protects your privacy thanks to the extra layer between bank account and merchants.
  • After ordering and activation, your card can be used immediately as a means of payment.

What is a Virtual Green Card?

A virtual Mastercard card is a digital payment card that gives you online access to the 16-digit card number, CVV number and expiry date. A virtual card saves space in your wallet, protects your bank and card details and gives you control over your online transactions. Use the card for online purchases at merchants where Mastercard is accepted. Or connect the virtual card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store payments. The Virtual Green Card is a reusable virtual card. The card can be reloaded several times with an amount you want and can be used for up to 3 years.