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Virtual Black Card - Getsby

Virtual Black Card

Start using a Virtual Black Card from Getsby today. Use up to 5 non-reloadable burner cards per day to protect your privacy online anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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digital wallet - Virtual Black Card

Virtual Card

Take back control of your spending. Easily block unwanted charges or make online payments more secure. The Virtual Black Card is a single load card, which means that cards can only be used until the funds have depleted. This way, direct debits are blocked automatically. Do you wish to use a virtual card more often? Order a new virtual card easily and fast using your existing Getsby account.

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These amounts are exclusive of €3,99 activation costs These amounts are exclusive of €4,99 activation costs These amounts are exclusive of €5,99 activation costs These amounts are exclusive of €6,99 activation costs These amounts are exclusive of €7,99 activation costs

Protect yourself online

Virtual Cards provide more privacy and security online. Transactions are shielded from your bank or credit card statement and your personal (bank) details are safe due to the added layer.

Virtual Black Card for privacy - Getsby

Create a Card for every purchase

You can create up to 5 Virtual Cards per day and up to 50 per month. In addition, Virtual Black Cards have a spending limit of €500. This way you can easily create a Card for every online purchase.

The benefits of a
Virtual Black Card


Your bank details are safe in the event of a data breach and prevent fraud by using 3D Secure from Mastercard.


Get new cards in seconds. Easily order new Virtual Cards in your account and receive them instantly.

one time use

Perfect for one-time use. Use a temporary Virtual Card for every new online transaction.


Using non-reloadable cards adds an extra layer as these cards are not linked to bank account or credit card

Wallet payment - Use your prepaid Mastercard online or at any store

Add your Virtual Black Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store purchases.

Worldwide acceptance

Use your Virtual Card worldwide at over 36 million merchants that accept Mastercard.

Add your virtual black card to your smartphone - Getsby

Add the Virtual
Black Card to
your smartphone

Enjoy the convenience of contactless payments using your Virtual Mastercard Card. Simply connect the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and experience the new way of paying.

Pricing & Limits

  • Activation Fee € 2,99 + 3%
  • Monthly Fee Free
  • Transaction Fee Free
  • FX Fee 2,0%
  • ATM withdrawals Not available
  • Balance reversal Free
  • Number of cards 5 per day / 50 per month
  • Load limits per card min. € 5,00 / max. € 500
  • Spend limits € 2.500 per day / € 30.000 per month