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Getsby Virtual Black Card

For secure and convenient online payments. No bank account, up to five non-reloadable burner cards daily, and security-focused spending with our Virtual Black Card.

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Convenient and flexible spending

Why choose a Getsby Virtual Black Card? It’s revolutionising secure spending. The single-load virtual card doesn’t link to your bank account and facilitates purchases anywhere that accepts Mastercard. With a €500 load limit, you can enjoy seamless subscriptions, spend online and never worry about direct debits depleting your funds again. Open a Getsby account and order your first Virtual Black Card today.

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Non-reloadable cards add an extra layer of security, as they’re not linked to credit or bank accounts. Our cards use Mastercard 3D Secure 2.0, allowing users to authenticate purchases and blocking unauthorised access.

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Virtual Black Card for privacy - Getsby

Simplified spending

Make purchases without using a bank account. Each card has a €500 limit, enabling multiple transactions. Once the card balance runs down, switching to a new card is simple.

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Protect yourself abroad by using the Getsby Black Card for international transactions. It's a worry-free solution for holidays and business trips.


Our virtual cards offer maximum convenience compared to traditional bank cards. Order new Getsby cards in seconds without waiting around.

one time use

Accessibility guaranteed, with up to 25 cards a month or five cards daily. Enjoy a seamless experience with maximum safety.


No need to link your bank accounts, zero credit checks, just a convenient payment solution for safety-conscious people.

Wallet payment - Use your prepaid Mastercard online or at any store

Control your spending, manage subscriptions and avoid debt. When your €500 load depletes, order a new card, load it up, and you're good to go.

Worldwide acceptance

Spend wherever, whenever. Getsby cards are compatible with merchants that accept Mastercard, giving you over 36 million places to shop.

Add your virtual black card to your smartphone - Getsby

Compatible with smartphones for contactless spending

Simplify mobile and on-the-go spending by adding your Getsby Black Card to Google Pay and Apple Pay. Make contactless payments and enjoy unparalleled accessibility.

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Pricing & Limits

  • Activation Fee € 2,99 + 3%
  • Monthly Fee Free
  • Transaction Fee Free
  • FX Fee 2,0%
  • ATM withdrawals Not available
  • Balance reversal Free
  • Number of cards 5 per day / 25 per month
  • Load limits per card min. € 5,00 / max. € 500
  • Spend limits € 2.500 per day / € 10.000 per month

Frequently asked questions

What is a Getsby Virtual Black Card?

The Virtual Black Card is a single-load prepaid card that allows holders to make online and in-store purchases. With a € 500 limit per load, the card is ideal for most online purchases and subscriptions.

Once the balance runs out, access and load a new card in seconds. Each Black Card is valid for one year.

How does the Getsby Black Card enhance online shopping?

Online shopping is undoubtedly convenient, but it’s not without its risks. Data breaches are common, with millions of businesses and consumers dealing with hackers yearly (UpGuard).

Virtual cards revolutionise how people shop online and in-store, moving us towards a future that maintains convenience while prioritising security. Our customers can make purchases without revealing their personal bank details and worrying about unauthorised transactions.

How do you ensure the safety and privacy of Virtual Black Card transactions?

The Getsby Virtual Black Card combines a range of security features to create a safe experience, including:

  • Encryption: Transactions with the Black Card protect the number and other information. The security measure ensures unauthorised third parties are unable to access your details.
  • Authentication: Our cards use Mastercard 3D Secure 2.0, giving customers a safer shopping experience. The feature protects cards against any fraudulent activities.
  • Tokenization: With tokenization security, Black Card transactions are safer, as it encrypts card numbers and issues a token for each purchase instead.

Can the Virtual Black Card be used for international purchases?

Many of our customers take their cards on holidays or trips because they’re compatible with merchants that accept Mastercard.

Instead of heading to the currency exchange or worrying about using a bank account abroad, our cardholders can load up and enjoy a worry-free trip.

With low foreign exchange rates of just 2%, the Black Card is a cheap solution to make transactions worldwide.

How do I set up and manage my Getsby Card?

Everyone from the EEA, EFTA and UK is welcome to open a Getsby Black Card account, but we set the minimum age at 18. Our simple registration process makes it easy to select a card and begin spending:

  1. New customers can head to the registration page and sign up for an account. They can then choose their cards and head to the checkout.
  2. We ask customers to supply proof of identification, including Photo ID, proof of address and selfies, and typically verify information within 30 minutes.
  3. After verification, new users can begin using their card.
  4. Every time a card runs out, simply activate a new one.

What fees are associated with a Black Card?

We make our fees as transparent as possible, and the Black Card comes with few charges. With an initial activation fee of € 2.99 (+3%), there are no transaction and monthly fees. If you want to change your PIN or view the current balance at an ATM, it costs € 0.50.

International transactions are charged at just 2%, lower than traditional credit card fees.