OnlyFans without PayPal of Credit card

How to subscribe to OnlyFans without PayPal or
Credit Card

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Virtual Mastercard for OnlyFans fans

Get access to your favourite OnlyFans accounts using the Virtual Debit Card from Getsby. The Getsby Virtual Debit Card is a disposable Mastercard card that allows you to pay for OnlyFans without sharing your personal debit or credit card information.

Using our non-reloadable debit cards is more secure because you’re using a unique 16-digit number each time. You cannot currently use PayPal for OnlyFans. Therefore, these prepaid cards are a perfect way to protect your privacy if you don’t want to use your credit card!

Disposable Virtual Debit Card

The Getsby Virtual Debit Card is not linked to your bank account, so any transactions you make — including paying for OnlyFans — are anonymous.

Another bonus of paying for OnlyFans with a Getsby prepaid card is that you can only spend what’s been loaded onto the card. This means that if you have no money left on it, merchants will not be able to charge you. What’s more, you can suspend your card whenever you like to give you complete control over your money.

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do not show Onlyfans on statement

What payment methods are accepted on OnlyFans?

To purchase a subscription, unlock exclusive content and tip and message creators, you will need to link your payment details to your OnlyFans account by clicking on the “Add card” tab. OnlyFans accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa and Mastercard credit cards
  • Discover credit cards
  • Maestro/Debit cards
  • Some prepaid cards

OnlyFans only accepts cards that have 3D Secure to verify transactions. This is why some open-loop gift cards from Mastercard and Visa are not accepted. All of Getsby’s prepaid cards have 3D Secure, so you can use them to pay content creators on OnlyFans.

How to pay for OnlyFans without a credit or debit card

PayPal, Paysafecard and gift cards are not accepted on OnlyFans. If you can’t use your credit card or don’t want to use it for obvious reasons, a virtual prepaid card is the best solution to pay. Using a prepaid card also prevents “OnlyFans” or “OF” from being visible on your bank statement.

It’s quick and easy to set up an OnlyFans account. It doesn’t cost anything to join, but you will have limited access to content if you don’t pay. To access exclusive content and send messages to creators, you will need to add your payment details to your account. Instead of entering your credit or debit card details, you can add your Getsby Virtual Prepaid card details.

OnlyFans creators can choose how much they charge people to subscribe to their accounts and unlock exclusive content. This means prices can vary greatly. But to give you an idea, the standard subscription rate is around $15.99 (about £13), and new users can tip up to $100 (about £82) per day. Once you’ve been on the platform for four months, your tip limit increases to $200 (about £164). It’s worth noting here that OnlyFans has limited the amount you can spend to $500 (roughly £410) per day.


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Can PayPal be used to subscribe to OnlyFans?

PayPal account

PayPal may be a popular payment method, but you can’t use it to pay for OnlyFans.

It is not an accepted payment method for two reasons. Firstly, PayPal’s terms and conditions state that users are prohibited from buying NSFW content, including downloadable photos and videos, website subscriptions and other digital content. The second reason why you can’t use PayPal to pay for OnlyFans is that it offers no protection for the sellers of digital goods, meaning subscribers would be able to demand refunds.

It is unlikely that PayPal will be added as a payment method on OnlyFans anytime soon. Instead, you should use one of the payment methods listed above.

Does OnlyFans accept Paysafecard?

Unfortunately, you are no longer able to subscribe to OnlyFans using a Paysafecard.

Paysafecard was temporarily available as an “Alternative Payment Method”, but you can’t use it anymore. For people who prefer to subscribe more anonymously on OnlyFans, this was a great alternative payment method.

Continue reading this article to learn how easy it is to order and use a Virtual Card to access your favourite content creators.

How to keep your personal information safe

You may have heard of the data breach where OnlyFans content was shared on the internet. If so, it’s understandable that you might feel worried about the platform having access to your personal information, including your financial details. Reassuringly, uses CCBILL (a third-party payment provider) to process payments. This means that payment card information should always be safe to use, as OnlyFans does not store these details on the site.

To protect yourself further, you can sign up using an alternative email address, and a VPN will also prevent your internet activity from being tracked.

One of the most common concerns for OnlyFans users, though, is whether transactions will show up on a bank statement. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. So, if you don’t want “OnlyFans” or “OF” to show up on your credit card bill or bank statement, it is best to use an anonymous payment method like a Getsby Virtual Debit Card.

Why use a prepaid card for OnlyFans

There are several reasons why you should consider paying for OnlyFans using a prepaid card:

  • It prevents OnlyFans transactions from showing up on your bank account statement or credit card bill
  • It stops you from accidentally overspending, as you can only spend what you’ve loaded onto the card
  • You can track your transactions more easily by using separate cards for different subscriptions


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How to use your virtual card on OnlyFans

To use your Getsby Virtual Debit card on OnlyFans, you will need to register and activate it first.

Within two minutes of purchasing your disposable card, you will receive an email containing an access code. Once activated, you can link the card to your OnlyFans account to anonymously purchase subscriptions, access exclusive content, and tip creators, safe in the knowledge that your credit card number and privacy are secure.

Occasionally, transactions are declined on OnlyFans. Here are some common reasons why your card may be declined:

  • You have insufficient funds
  • The card information you’ve entered is incorrect
  • The billing address does not match the card information or address on file

You will be able to retry up to three times before your card is blocked. After that, try deleting your card and re-entering the information. If this does not work, try using a different card.

Please bear in mind that when making online purchases outside the Eurozone, a 2% FX fee is charged. You can calculate the cost of each OnlyFans purchase, including the exchange rate from USD to GBP and the FX fee, using Mastercard’s Currency Converter Calculator.