Donate to charity

Pull your weight and donate to one of the selected charities using your Virtual Mastercard Gift Card

Donate to charity of your choice

Many organizations donate to charity on a daily basis. Contribute a donation to help these charities to attain better resources for scientific research, support people with disabilities or to help sick children by cheering them up.

Donate using your Mastercard Gift Card

Have you received a Getsby Mastercard Gift Card and do you wish to use it for donating to charity? You can donate and contribute to one of the charities listed below by using your card today. Is the charity you want to support not in the list? Go to for more a wide range of global charities.

To donate to a charity using your gift card, click on ‘DONATE NOW. Select the amount you wish to donate and choose the payment method ‘credit card’ followed by ‘Mastercard’. Finalize the process by entering your address information and clicking ‘DONATE NOW.

Donate to Eden Project

Starting 2022 Getsby will support the Eden Projects by donating funds quarterly to contribute to reforestation projects in Kenya and Indonesia. Supporting these projects will help restore the eco-system and create work for locals. Should you wish to support these same projects using the funds on you Virtual Gift Card, please click on the link below.

Support Eden Projects