About Getsby

Enjoy the ease of using the Getsby Virtual Cards. The virtual card you can use worldwide to pay for your favourite subscriptions, gaming or shopping. A safe way to pay and a way to protect your privacy. The virtual cards will reduce your CO2-footprint, because there is no need for a physical card and we don’t need any transport. 


Why Getsby?

Getsby offers three different virtual cards. The Getsby Virtual Green Card is a reloadable card. The Getsby Virtual Black Card is an anonymous debit card which is usable once. We also have a gift card for business customers, the Getsby Virtual Gift Card. The virtual cards can be used at over 35.9 million MasterCard merchants. Both online and in store. In The Netherlands only there are already more than 100.000 locations, like: shops, restaurants, cinema’s, theme parks etc. 


How can we make a difference?

We believe that everyone wants to decide themselves where, when and for what purpose they want to use their virtual card for. We offer a reliable service you can use always and everywhere. The Getsby Virtual Card can be used worldwide at over 35.9 million on- and offline locations. This gives you endless possibilities.

Smart phone wallet - Getsby

What is a
virtual card?

A virtual card is a digital payment card. Get access to the 16-digit card number, CVV number and expiry date and use the virtual card for a variety of payments. From online shopping to gaming and purchasing online subscriptions. The virtual card can be spent at more than 35.9 million Mastercard merchants worldwide.

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