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Your eco-friendly payment partner. With zero credit checks, maximum security and hassle-free budgeting, it’s time to join the new wave of convenience.

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Sustainable and secure Virtual Debit Card

Our innovative Virtual Green Card lets you gain control over your finances and contribute to the environment. We’ll plant a tree 🌳 for € 100 spent, and our cardholders will become carbon neutral in just two years. Compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay and all merchants that offer Mastercard transactions. Spend safely, securely and internationally with no credit checks.

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Money is safe with Getsby

Fraud remains pervasive, with 23.85 million fraudulent card transactions in Europe during 2021 (ECB). Debit cards can jeopardise your personal information by linking directly to your bank account, but our prepaid cards are independent payment solutions with Mastercard 3D Secure 2.0 and biometric identification. All funds are secured in ring-fenced accounts regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.

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Go Green

Our commitment to sustainability means we’re taking steps to make every payment count. We donate 0.2% of each Green Card user’s spending to reforestation projects in Indonesia and Kenya. By planting a tree for every €100 spent, we support Eden Projects and invest in a greener future.

Learn about Eden Projects

Unlock the benefits of
a Virtual Green Card


Spend online, in-store and abroad. The Green Card is compatible with all over 36 million merchants - and uses MasterCard 3D Secure.

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Our Virtual Green Card is a positive step forward for flexible and eco-friendly payments. Spend today to promote a better tomorrow.

Payment method

Our Green Card is reloadable; users receive a new one every three years and can top up via bank transfer, credit and debit card.

No exceptions

Our virtual card costs just € 0.99 monthly. Users pay a small monthly fee and receive access to free transactions and low ATM fees of € 2.00.


Ring-fenced accounts safeguard your funds, ensuring only you have access to them.

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Applying for a Getsby Virtual Green Card takes just two minutes. Complete the short application and verification stages, load the card and start spending.

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Add the Virtual Green Card to your smartphone

Enjoy a flexible and convenient way to spend money by connecting the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay. The Virtual Green Card is your trusted payment partner.

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Prices & Limits

  • Activation fee € 3,99 + 3%
  • Monthly fee (subject to availability of funds) € 0,99 - starting after the 2nd month
  • Transaction fee Free
  • Top-up fee 3,0%, min. € 2,00
  • ATM withdrawals € 2,00
  • View balance at ATM € 0,50
  • Change PIN at ATM € 0,50
  • FX fee 2,0%
  • Balance reversal Free
  • Number of cards 1 per 3 years
  • Spend limit € 9.000 per day / € 30.000 per month
  • ATM withdrawals € 600 per day / € 3.500 per month

Frequently asked questions

What is the Virtual Green Card, and how does it work?

The Getsby Virtual Green Card is an alternative to traditional bank cards. Users can top up the card and use it to make payments, set up direct debits and easily manage subscriptions.

With one card lasting three years, there’s no need to reorder cards constantly; it’s just an easy way to make payments and budget for the future.

How to Get and Use A Virtual Green Card

Getting a Getsby Card is straightforward, and most clients complete it within a few minutes. We aim to make accessing our cards simple, with no credit checks or lengthy evaluations.

Because they’re prepaid, new customers don’t need to jump through hoops and can look forward to opening their accounts.

  • Step 1: Click the Get Started button to begin the registration process. We ask new customers to complete an email verification before proceeding to the next stage.
  • Step 2: The minimum age for a Getsby account is 18, and our ID checks confirm each customer’s suitability. We ask for photographic ID and proof of address before issuing an account.
  • Step 3: As soon as customers can access their card, it’s easy to load it up and begin spending. The card lasts for three years, accepting multiple top-ups throughout its lifespan.

How does the Virtual Green Card contribute toward sustainability?

Every transaction has a purpose, but transactions with the Getsby Green Card make the world a better place.

The fight to prevent global warming and deforestation is becoming more urgent, but we all know that small contributions will ultimately make the biggest difference.

Joining Getsby isn’t just about convenience and security; it will contribute to vital projects.

Green Card holders will become carbon neutral within two years because we donate a percentage of transactions to reforestation projects and plant a tree 🌳 for every €100 spent.

What are the security features of the Green Card?

Our card was designed with security in mind, and customers can benefit from a range of features that keep them safe.

Because they’re not associated with bank accounts, the cards are much safer alternatives anyway, but Mastercard 3D Secure and encryption technology plays a significant role in guarding every transaction.

The Bank of Lithuania also regulates the Green Card in a ring-fenced account.

Is the Virtual Green Card suitable for international transactions?

Yes, many people use cards abroad as it’s the safest way to spend money. The card is compatible with anywhere that accepts Mastercard, including low conversion rates.

We charge a small 2% international transaction fee, compared to the average 3% charged with standard credit cards.

How do I reload the card, and what are the fees?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Instant Bank Transfers

Top-up fees cost 3% or a € 2.00 minimum. ATM withdrawals also cost € 2.00. In terms of limits, cardholders can take advantage of a € 9,000 daily or € 30,000 monthly spending limit and up to € 3,500 of ATM withdrawals each month.