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Virtual Green Card

Get your Virtual Green Card today and become carbon neutral in 2 years without a sweat. Getsby will plant a tree 🌳 for every €100 you spend.

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Debit Virtual Mastercard Card

The Virtual Green Card is a prepaid Mastercard that can be used worldwide. Get the Debit Card without a credit check and use it for online shopping, subscriptions, online gaming or at App stores. Are you going abroad and don’t have a credit card? Simply add the Virtual Card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store use.

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Your money is safe with us

Keep your money safe with the Virtual Green Card. Your funds are secured in a ring-fenced account regulated by the Bank of Lithuania (“BoL”). We provide you with optimal protection against fraud during online and in-store payments. Payments are always verified using 3D Secure for Mastercard or via biometric identification.

Security and online protection
Verklein je co2-footprint met de Virtual Green Card - Getsby

Reduce your carbon footprint

Go green with our sustainable Virtual Green Card. Use this debit card and become carbon neutral within 2 years. Getsby donates 0.2% of your spend to reforestation projects in Kenya and Indonesia. This means that for every €100 you spend with the Virtual Green Card, 1 tree 🌳 is planted.

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The benefits of a
Virtual Green Card


Online payments are protected against fraud using 3D secure from Mastercard.

Duurzaamheid - Virtual Gift Card

Reduce your CO2 footprint with zero effort. Getsby donates 0.2% of your spend to Eden Reforestation Projects.

Payment method

Simply top up the Virtual Card via bank transfer and debit- or credit card.

No exceptions

Use the Virtual Card for only € 0.99 per month and experience all the benefits.


Funds are safeguarded in a ring-fenced account, to which you only have access.

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Receive your Virtual Card within 2 minutes by email and start using it immediately.

Voeg de Virtual Green Card van Mastercard toe aan je smartphone - Getsby

Add the Virtual
Green Card to
your smartphone

Experience the convenience of contactless payments using your Getsby Virtual Card. Simply connect the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and enjoy the new way of paying.

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Prices & Limits

  • Activation fee € 3,99 + 3%
  • Monthly fee (subject to availability of funds) € 0,99 - starting after the 2nd month
  • Transaction fee Free
  • Top-up fee 3,0%, min. € 2,00
  • ATM withdrawals € 2,00
  • View balance at ATM € 0,50
  • Change PIN at ATM € 0,50
  • FX fee 2,0%
  • Balance reversal Free
  • Number of cards 1 per 3 years
  • Spend limit € 9.000 per day / € 30.000 per month
  • ATM withdrawals € 600 per day / € 3.500 per month