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X Premium: What is it and how to subscribe

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Updated: 12/12/2023

What is X Premium?

Formerly known as Twitter Blue, X Premium is the new paid subscription service for X users. It offers additional features to enhance your experience on the social media app. There are three tiers: Basic, Premium, and Premium+. Each tier offers more features than the next.

We’ve compiled this guide to help you find out more about X Premium. We’ll look at what benefits are on offer, as well as the various payment methods you can use. As an added bonus, we’ll even tell you how to save money on your X Premium subscription!

On this page:

▸ What’s included in an X Premium subscription?

▸ How much does X Premium cost?

▸ How to get X Premium cheaper?

▸ How to subscribe to X Premium

▸ Manage your X Premium subscription with a prepaid card

What’s included in an X Premium subscription?

There are many features included with each Premium subscription tier. This includes the following:

  • Edit posts — this feature allows you to make a limited number of changes to posts within one hour of publishing them. You can add tags, updates, or reorder photos and videos on your post.
  • Longer posts — Users with standard X accounts can only post 280 characters. X Premium subscribers can post 25,000 characters as well as write longer quotes and replies.
  • Longer video uploads — You can upload videos that are up to three hours long and have an 8GB file size (1080p). This option is only available via x.com or if you use an iOS device.
  • Format text —You can include bold and italicised text in your posts.
  • NFT profile pictures — You can customise your account by adding your own NFT image as your profile picture.
  • Undo posts — You can remove a post after you send it but before it becomes visible to anyone else. The period is default 30 seconds, but you can shorten or extend the period to 5, 10, 20, or 60 seconds.
  • Prioritize post replies — Posts you interact with (whether by liking them, replying, or quoting them) will receive a boost that will rank them higher. Boosted posts are shown to users before other posts.
  • Highlight posts — Any posts you highlight will appear in a separate tab on your profile.
  • Custom app icons — You can change how X app icons appear on your phone.
  • Custom navigation — This lets you edit your navigation bar for quick access to specific X destinations and content.
  • Download videos — You can download full clips if the creator allows it.
  • Reader — This turns long threads into readable text.
  • Encrypted direct messages — Your direct messages to and from other Premium accounts are encrypted.

The features listed below are only included with Premium and Premium+ subscriptions:

  • Blue checkmark — A blue checkmark shows your account is verified. To get one, your account will be reviewed to ensure it meets certain criteria.
  • Creator Subscriptions — You can earn money from X by letting other users subscribe to your profile. Visit the Monetization tab on your X app to find out more.
  • Ads Revenue Sharing — You might be eligible to receive a share of the revenue from verified accounts’ organic impressions of adverts.
  • Reply to verified-only posts — You can reply to posts that have been restricted to replies from verified accounts only.
  • Access to Media Studio — view the images and photos you’ve uploaded to X.

Businesses and non-profit organisations receive a gold checkmark and a square avatar if they subscribe to X as a Verified Organisation. They are given a grey checkmark and a square avatar if they are a governmental or multilateral organization.

How much does X Premium cost?

There are three subscription tiers you can buy. You can either subscribe on a monthly payment plan or pay annually.

The table below shows the various prices for the three subscription tiers. As you can see, it’s cheaper to buy a subscription via the web than the X app.

Basic tier

Basic (month) Basic (annual)
Web Basic (month)£ 3.00 / € 3.00 Basic (annual)£ 32.00 / € 32.00
App Basic (month)£ 3.99 / € 3.99 Basic (annual)£ 41.49 / € 41.49


Premium tier

Premium (month) Premium (annual)
Web Premium (month)£ 8.00 / € 8.00 Premium (annual)£ 84.00 / € 84.00
App Premium (month)£ 11.00 / € 11.00 Premium (annual)£ 114.99 / € 114.99


Premium+ tier

Premium+ (month) Premium+ (annual)
Web Premium+ (month)£ 16.00 / € 16.00 Premium+ (annual)£ 168.00 / € 168.00
App Premium+ (month)£ 21.49 / € 21.49 Premium+ (annual)£ 224.99 / € 224.99


Premium subscriptions are non-refundable (except where required by law). The fees listed above may vary based on location, local taxes, and your chosen payment method.

The Verified Organisation subscription costs approximately £1,140 per month for a Base Subscription or £60 per month for an Affiliate Seat Subscription. However, the price varies from country to country. For example, it costs €1,149.50 and €61.50 in the Netherlands, €1130.50 and €59.50 in Germany, and €1,140 and €60 in France.


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How to get X Premium cheaper

As seen in the table above, it’s cheaper to buy an X Premium subscription if you pay via the website rather than the app. You can do this via a web browser on your smartphone or on a computer.

Once you’re on a web browser, visit X.com and log into your X account. Go to the options menu on the left of your screen and select the Premium tab. You’ll be able to choose a Basic, Premium or Premium+ account. You can also choose whether you want to purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

X has to pay the Google Play Store and Apple App Store a fee, which is why they charge more if you buy a subscription through the app. This fee isn’t applied to users who subscribe via a web browser.

How to subscribe to X Premium

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to X Premium from the app or a web browser.

Step One

Click on the Premium tab on the menu to the left of your screen. You may have to tap on your profile picture in the top left of your screen to bring up the menu if you’re using the app.

Subscribe to X Premium step 1


Step Two

Select one of the two options below. Choose the Premium option if you are buying the subscription for personal use.

Subscribe to X Premium by selecting personal or business


Step Three

Choose which subscription tier you want to buy. This is where you can choose whether to purchase an annual subscription or a single month. You’ll see a list of the features offered with each tier. The features available with each tier are shown with a green tick, while the ones offered with the next tier up are shown with a grey padlock.

The features offered and the prices for Basic subscribers are shown below:

Features of X basic subscription

The features offered and the prices for Premium tier subscribers are shown below:

Features of X premium tier

The features offered and the prices for the Premium+ subscription are shown below:

Features of X Premium+ tier

Step Four

How to add payment details to X

You’ll be prompted to provide your card details to complete your purchase. You’ll also need to input your email, a verified phone number, and part of your home address.

It’s worth remembering that subscriptions will auto-renew unless they are cancelled. To avoid getting charged for the following month or year (depending on your plan), cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the next billing cycle. You won’t be eligible for a refund if you cancel your subscription after the next payment has already been taken.

Manage your X Premium subscription with a prepaid card

X accepts payments via credit and debit cards, including prepaid cards. You can choose whether to subscribe to X Premium via a monthly or annual plan.

Our prepaid cards are perfect for online subscriptions. You can use one card to manage your subscriptions across multiple social media platforms or use a different card for each subscription. There are both reloadable and disposable cards available.

With a disposable card, you could use it for a one-off annual or single-month subscription payment. After you’ve used it once (and spent the funds), the disposable card can be thrown away. While this card works for one-off annual or single-month payments, you won’t be able to use a disposable card for recurring monthly payments.

Alternatively, you could use a reloadable card to pay for an ongoing monthly subscription. You can use it repeatedly as long as you have enough funds on the card. Reloadable cards can be regularly topped up with enough money to cover your social media subscriptions. If you don’t have enough money on the card to cover your subscription, your subscription will be paused or cancelled.

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