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When you want to protect your money and be safe online, prepaid credit cards are a wise decision. With more people turning away from traditional credit cards, prepaid options are experiencing exponential growth.

The Getsby prepaid card puts you in control of your money. You load it up and use the card to make payments without worrying about future bills and people getting hold of your details.

Whether you’re going abroad, trying to manage your finances or want to protect your bank account, our cards are the convenient solution to stress-free spending.

Applying with Getsby allows you to open your first card in under 20 minutes and use it to shop online or in-store at over 36 million Mastercard merchants.


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Discover the benefits of a Getsby prepaid card

When you get a prepaid card from Getsby, you unlock a range of benefits. These cards are designed to offer convenience while protecting you from hefty bills and security threats. With a simple application system, you can load up a prepaid card within minutes.

Financial freedom

Credit card debt is an ongoing problem with the National Debt Service, revealing that the average debt per UK household was £2376 in July 2023.

Research published by Statista also reveals that Switzerland, Luxembourg and Norway have the highest levels of personal debt in Europe.

Relying on a traditional credit card might allow you to make large purchases, but it’s so easy for interest to mount up. Prepaid cards can protect you from high-interest rates and move you towards financial freedom.

Unparalleled security

While the internet gave us many positives, it also made life easier for fraudsters. Cards linked to your bank account are always at risk, but our prepaid card is the best way to protect your finances.

Your Getsby Card won’t be linked to your bank account; we can transfer the balance onto a new card if you lose it.


Similarly to traditional cards, prepaid cards are suitable for a range of payments, including in-person and online purchases. They’re also compatible with millions of stores, and you can use them abroad, which protects your bank account.

If you want to teach a younger person budgeting, a prepaid card limits spending while giving them more control over their money.


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The types of Getsby Prepaid Cards: Virtual Green and Black Cards

We offer two prepaid cards: green or black. Both have benefits, but the Green Card is a sustainable option, while the Black Card is best for maximum security.

The green card is our most sustainable option; a percentage of your spending will go to reforestation projects.

If you’re looking for a convenient solution to managing your money, this card works similarly to topping up a pay-as-you-go mobile. You can order a new card every three years, and you’ll also become carbon-neutral after two years.

Our Black Cards are non-reloadable, meaning you can use them until the balance runs out. Then, just order a new one, and you’ll be able to load that up. The main benefit of our Black Cards is they’re highly secure because you receive an new 16-digit card number every time.

Virtual Green Card

Virtual Green Card

  • Reloadable
  • For every €100 spent, a tree 🌳 is planted
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Accepted worldwide
  • First 2 months free
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Virtual Black Card

  • Single load
  • Protect your online privacy
  • Up to 25 prepaid cards per month
  • Delivered within 2 minutes
  • Up to €500 balance per card
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Understanding prepaid cards and how they work

Prepaid cards are alternatives to traditional cards and cash. You top them up and use them as and when needed, with the benefit being that you can’t overspend—or get into debt.

Black Prepaid Cards are single-load only, while Green Cards last for three years. We’ll then send you a new one, which you can access immediately.

You choose the amount you want to put on your card (as long as it is within the limit) and can even ensure your wages or benefits go straight to the card instead of your bank account.

As you don’t need a bank account for a prepaid card, they’re also more accessible for people with unique circumstances.

With no impact on your credit score, people are turning to these cards because they embody convenience and flexibility.

Prepaid cards are also helpful for:

Going away? Protect your bank account with a prepaid travel card. Just load them up before you go and enjoy a hassle-free way to enjoy your holiday. Similarly to debit cards, you can withdraw money from the ATM or make transactions anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Struggling to find the perfect gift? Businesses can purchase our single-use prepaid gift card and give recipients more choice over how – and where – they spend the money. The funds are also safeguarded.



Use your Getsby Card for flexibility and security

Our prepaid cards are designed for flexibility and security. We know how easy it is to get into debt, but these unique cards protect your current – and future – financial status. With Getsby, you’re in complete control over how much you spend and when you spend it.

Enjoy all the benefits of using your Prepaid Mastercard Card

Available worldwide

Whether shopping online or withdrawing cash from international locations, our cards are compatible with anywhere that accepts Mastercards. Just load it up and enjoy buying food, clothing and anything else that takes your fancy.


Give back

Our cards are also suitable for funding crowdfunding campaigns and giving to charity. You can use them to support your favourite content creators on Patreon and issue one-off payments, protecting your personal information.

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Get online

Love entertainment? Your Getsby prepaid card can help you manage Netflix or Prime subscriptions, have access to the Apple and Google app stores. You can get the latest games and TV shows without linking the subscription to your bank account.


Say no to cybercrime

Never again will you have to trawl through your bank accounts looking for discrepancies. Prepaid cards don't require your bank details, which means would-be hackers cannot get hold of your information. Save money, time and anguish by avoiding fraud and keeping your money safe

Top features of a Getsby Prepaid Card:

  • Take advantage of unparalleled security with Mastercard 3D secure authentication
  • Card fees as low as € 2.99
  • Skip the credit check
  • Spend your money, however – whenever – you like
  • The hassle-free way to fund purchases while keeping your money safe
  • Choose between a Green and Black Card based on your needs
  • Our Green Cards are environmentally friendly. We’ll plant a tree for every € 100 you spend
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Security and online protection

Frequently asked questions

What is a Getsby Prepaid Card, and how does it work?

A prepaid card is more convenient than traditional bank accounts or cash. You add money to the card and can use it until the balance runs out. With our Green Card, you can simply top it up again, while the Black Cards are single-use.

Instead of worrying about going into debt or giving people your bank account details, Getsby Prepaid Cards offer unrivalled security.

What types of Getsby Prepaid Cards are available?

We offer a range of cards, including:

  • The Green Card: Ideal for continual usage and a carbon-friendly option, our green card combines convenience and security.
  • The Black Card: If security is at the top of your concerns, single-use black cards are a great option. You can also get replacements online.
  • Travel Cards: International transactions from traditional bank accounts might come with additional fees, but we keep our rates competitive.
  • Gift Cards: Tell that special someone how much you care with a prepaid card. They can spend the money in their favourite stores or on hobbies, making them more flexible than traditional gift vouchers.

How can I top up my Getsby Prepaid Card?

Topping up the card is easy with our unique system. Just log in to your card account or use this link to go directly to top-up options: Click top up and choose how much you’d like to add.

You can also make a bank transfer to your card, which typically takes 15 minutes to arrive but can take up to one workday.

Are Getsby Prepaid Cards secure for online and in-store transactions?

Yes, our cards are highly secure and don’t give retailers any of your personal information. You can use them without worrying about security breaches, with a range of features designed to protect you.

They include:

  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • 3D Secure Technology
  • Payment Tokenization
  • Biometric Identification
  • No Bank Account Required

Can I use my Getsby Prepaid Card internationally?

Yes, the cards are compatible with anywhere that allows Mastercard. However, if you’re looking for the lowest rates, you can use one of our travel cards designed for international transactions.

Further questions regarding our Prepaid Cards?

Make your choice and order a Getsby Card that suits you best easily online. Excited, but still have questions regarding our service? Find your answer right away in the frequently asked questions or contact our support. We would love to hear from you.

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