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A virtual card is a digital card you can use to spend online, in-store or use abroad.

Enjoy all of the benefits of a physical bank card, plus added convenience and enhanced security.

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What is a virtual card?

A virtual card works the same as a physical bank card, with one major difference: it exists digitally. Instead of being stored in a wallet or a purse, a virtual card is stored on your phone.

Each virtual card has a unique 16-digit card number, expiry date and 3-digit CVV number, and can be used online, in-store and at ATMs – as well as with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Getsby virtual prepaid cards are digital Mastercard cards, which means you can use the card at any merchant that will accept Mastercard.

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Virtual Card details

What to use a virtual card for?

Online shopping

Online shopping at your favorite merchant
Shop online at stores such as Amazon, AliExpress and eBay. You spend securely and discretely online, so your data is 100% safe.

Creators and influencers

Creator platforms and influencers
Access platforms, blogs, posts, tracks and videos on YouTube, MYM Fans, Roblux, Discord, Patreon, Twitch and TikTok with your card.

Streaming services

Subscriptions for streaming providers
Subscribe to your favorite services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Apple Music and Spotify and pay for your monthly subscriptions.

Online gaming

Online gaming services
Use the card to spend on the gaming networks - PlayStation Plus, Steam, Xbox Live and eSports such as FIFA, League of Legends and Fortnite.


Contribute to crowdfunding and start-ups
Support projects on GoFundMe or contribute to crowdfunding campaigns at Kickstarter and Indigogo.


Buy apps and software in the app stores
Buy an app or other software, for example the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Getsby Virtual Cards

At Getsby we offer two kinds of virtual cards for personal use: our reloadable Virtual Green Card, and our disposable Virtual Black Card.

Virtual Green Card

Virtual Green Card

  • Easy top ups
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • First 2 months for fee

We donate 0.2% of your spending
to CO2 reduction projects.

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do not show Onlyfans on statement

Virtual Black Card

  • Single load
  • Up to a maximum of 25 instant virtual cards per month
  • Can be used instantly
  • Up to €500 balance per card


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The benefits of a virtual card


No more plastic
From now on, you can leave your wallet at home. Your virtual card allows you to pay conveniently and securely wherever you are.


A dedicated card for subscriptions
Generate single-use virtual cards for trial memberships/one-time subscriptions or use a reloadable card for recurring plans.

Online privacy protection

Privacy protection
Shield your real banking or credit card details from merchants and prevent charges showing on your monthly statement.

Spend control

Spend control
Freeze or unfreeze your virtual card from your account at any moment to stay in control of your spending.


Fast issuing
No more waiting for a bank or credit card to arrive in the post. Use your virtual card as soon as it’s been created.

Alternative for virtual credit card

Alternative to credit card
Do you have a bad credit score or don’t want to put certain payments on your card? You can easily get a virtual Mastercard card without a credit check.

Is paying with a virtual card safe?

Yes, paying with a virtual card is 100% secure. Thanks to tokenization (Apple Pay and Google Pay), payments with our virtual cards are extra protected against payment fraud and data leaks on the internet. The card number is converted into a Token ID, and contains enough information to process a payment. Online purchases with tokens cannot be traced back to the original card details in the unlikely event that they fall into the wrong hands.

In addition, transactions with our cards are protected. Where in the past you had to verify a transaction with your PIN code, this is different with our digital cards. Payments are authorized via Mastercard 3D secure, biometric verification (Face-ID/Touch-ID) or the code of your mobile device or laptop.

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Security and online protection

How do you link a virtual debit card to your mobile phone?

Virtual debit cards have become the safe and protected form of paying online. Thanks to Google Pay and Apple Pay, for example, you can now also pay offline with your digital payment card. You can add the card to the digital wallet on your mobile phone, so that you can pay secure and more anonymous at any store.

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add your virtual card to a Mobile wallet

Frequently asked questions

Which different types of virtual cards are there?

There are different types of virtual cards. We list the three variants for consumers for you:

  • Virtual credit card
  • Virtual debit card
  • Virtual prepaid debit card

In addition, there is also the virtual gift card. This is an anonymous gift card that you do not link to a bank account. Most providers for consumers have stopped doing this due to new regulations. The card is still readily available for business. The Corporate Virtual Gift Card has different conditions, allows worldwide users to register and a limit up to € 1000.

Virtual Credit Card

The Virtual Credit Card is a digital credit card that most closely resembles the regular credit card that you know. The card is linked to your income, and based on a credit check.

Virtual Debit Card

The Virtual Debit Card is linked to your bank account, so a credit check also applies. In some cases you can order one-time debit cards, which expire after one use.

Virtual Prepaid Debit Card

The Virtual Prepaid Debit Card is not linked to your bank account, so no credit check applies. In addition, it allows you to purchase securely and more anonymously.

Are virtual cards anonymous?

If you’re looking for virtual cards that do not require verification, we have to disappoint you, this is simply not allowed due to AML regulations.

However, using instant cards does provide more online privacy. You no longer have to use your real banking details or credit card number at website you do not fully trust.

What are the card fees and limits for Virtual Getsby Cards?

You can find an overview of out pricing and limits here

How to get an online virtual card?

Activate your virtual card in 3 steps

1 – Select your digital card

Select the Virtual Green Card or the Virtual Black Card in your account and receive the activation code within 2 minutes.

2 – Activate your Virtual Card

Activate the virtual card by going through the one-time verification process and get access to your account.

3 – Start paying securely

Use your 16-digit card number to start spending online. Add the card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store transactions.

For full details on how to register an account and create and activate your card, read our guide on “how a virtual card works“.

Further questions regarding our Virtual Cards?

Make your choice and order a Getsby Card that suits you best easily online. Excited, but still have questions regarding our service? Find your answer right away in the frequently asked questions or contact our support. We would love to hear from you.

General terms and conditions Virtual Cards

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