Online gaming with prepaid cards

Prepaid cards for gaming

  • Pay for games on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and more
  • Manage your gaming subscriptions
  • Purchase mobile games on Android Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Use your card online and in-store
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Pay for all your game-related purchases safely and securely using a Getsby virtual prepaid debit card. Our prepaid Mastercard cards allow you to buy games and add-ons, pay for your online gaming and streaming subscriptions, and more; without the risks associated with connecting your own bank card details to online gaming platforms.

With both our reloadable Virtual Green Card and single load Virtual Black Card, you choose the amount of money added to the card, which allows you to set a budget and stick to it. Your card is also not linked to your bank account, providing you with an extra layer of security and helping protect you from risks such as unauthorized payments or security breaches.

Ordering a virtual card online is a quick and easy process. When deciding on a budget to allocate to your Getsby card, simply choose a value between €10 — €500 when purchasing (up to €150 on a Virtual Green Card). Once you have registered for an account and paid for your virtual card, you’ll receive an email with an access code to activate your account. Complete the verification process, and after ±30 minutes, you’ll be able to access your account.

Once set up, you can use your prepaid Getsby card to purchase from over 36 million merchants that accept Mastercard payments — ideal for those who want to experience and enjoy the world of gaming without being restricted to a specific console, retailer or game.

Reloadable or disposable cards

Everyone manages their money differently. For this reason, we offer two types of virtual prepaid cards, so you can opt for one that best suits your needs.

Virtual Green Card

Virtual Green Card

  • Instant delivery
  • No credit check
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Card fee € 3.99 + 3.0%
  • Top-up: 3.0% (min € 2)
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Virtual Black Card - Getsby

Virtual Black Card

  • Instant delivery
  • No credit check
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Card fee € 2.99 + 3.0%
  • 5 cards per day
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Protect your privacy

Using a Getsby prepaid card allows you to purchase goods and services online more anonymously and securely. Our prepaid cards are not connected to your bank account, meaning purchases won’t show up on your bank statements — perfect for added privacy.

Entering your personal card details for payments puts you at risk of data breaches, potentially resulting in your personal details falling into the wrong hands. However, because your prepaid card is separate from your bank account, you’ll benefit from an additional layer of security that keeps your personal bank details safe in the event of a data leak.

Blijf anoniem met de Virtual Black Card - Getsby

Keep your money safe

Paying with one of our virtual prepaid cards is safe and secure. All transactions are verified using 3D secure for Mastercard, biometric verification, or your mobile phone or laptop password.

Contactless payments made with your Getsby card through Apple Pay and Google Pay use tokenization. Your card number is converted into a Token ID, which contains only the information required to process the transaction. Online transactions made with Token IDs can’t be traced back to the original card, ensuring that your personal details are kept safe.

Keep your money safe on gaming platforms

Control your spending

Take command of your finances with a prepaid virtual card. You choose the amount of money added to your card, allowing you to set a budget and stick to it. This is useful if you want to control your spending or manage the money your kids have access to when playing games online.

Understandably as a parent, you’ll want to ensure your kids are safe online, but you’ll also likely want to keep a close eye on their spending and make sure they don’t carry out unauthorised payments. You can block unwanted charges on your Getsby prepaid card. The Virtual Black Card also automatically blocks direct debits.

Our prepaid cards are not connected to your bank account, providing an added security layer for you and your kids. This also means that when using a prepaid Getsby card, you can only spend what is preloaded onto it, making it impossible to end up with negative credit. If you try to make a payment with insufficient funds on the card, the payment will not go through. For this reason, prepaid debit cards are the opposite of credit cards, which allow you to spend money you don’t have.

Control your spending with online gaming

What can I use my prepaid virtual card for?

You can use your prepaid virtual card at any merchant that accepts Mastercard payments. So, regardless of whether you’re a keen gamer or the parent of one, your options are kept wide open. For example, Getsby’s prepaid cards can be used for the following:

  • Buying online games: purchase online games without needing a credit card — perfect if you have a low credit score or don’t have access to a credit card.
  • Purchasing games and equipment in-store: as previously mentioned, you can use your prepaid virtual card at any retailer that accepts Mastercard. By adding your virtual card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can use your virtual card for contactless payments in-store.
  • Buying game add-ons and extras: plenty of games provide in-game purchases for players. With your Getsby card, you can buy add-ons such as character skins, currency, and game packs from authorised merchants and virtual stores for games such as League of Legends and Tower of Fantasy.
  • Streaming online games and following creators: your Getsby card lets you safely and securely purchase streaming services, follow your favourite creators online, and pay for gaming communications services like Discord, all without needing a credit card.
  • Paying for gaming subscriptions: subscribe to your favourite gaming networks, such as Xbox Live and Playstation Plus.
  • Purchasing mobile games: buy games directly from the App Store and Google Play.

Prepaid cards for gambling

As of 14 April, the use of credit cards for online gambling has been banned in the UK. However, a prepaid debit Mastercard card is the best alternative to a credit card for gambling.

Prepaid debit cards are not only more secure than standard cards, but they can also encourage more responsible gambling and provide you with the means to take better control of your spending.

With a disposable Virtual Black Card, you choose a value between €10 – €500 to add to the card. You can only spend what is on your prepaid card, and there is no option to top-up funds, making this card a great option for controlling your spending.


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How do I use a Getsby Virtual Card?

To use your Getsby Virtual Prepaid Debit Card online, simply select the ‘Mastercard’ option at the checkout and enter your card’s Mastercard number, the expiry date, and the 3-digit CVV. Once you’ve clicked ‘Pay’, you’ll need to type in your ePIN to complete the transaction.

You can also use your Getsby card for contactless in-store payments by adding it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Where can I spend my virtual card?

You can use your Getsby virtual debit card at any merchant that accepts Mastercard as a payment method. This means you can shop in-store and online with over 36 million merchants worldwide.

Can I use a virtual card more than once?

Yes, you can use your Getsby virtual prepaid card more than once. However, it is worth being aware that our Virtual Black Cards are single-load disposable cards that are valid for one year. This means you can only use them until the funds have been depleted, after which you cannot top them up.

Alternatively, our Virtual Green Cards are valid for three years and are reloadable, allowing you to conveniently top-up your funds via bank transfer or using a credit or debit card.

How is a virtual card different from a gaming gift card?

The main difference between virtual cards and gaming gift cards is versatility. Gaming gift cards are typically restricted to specific merchants, game platforms, games, or gaming consoles and are usually not transferrable across the different options. For example, an Xbox Gift Card can only be used for online purchases at the Microsoft Store or on Windows or Xbox.

However, you can use Getsby’s digital gift cards at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. For this reason, they are an excellent choice for avid gamers who enjoy the freedom of being able to pick and choose between different games.