League of Legends Riot Points

Gaming - League of LegendsPrepaid card for Riot Points

Purchase alternate character skins, champions, experience boosts, summoner name changes and other premium items using the prepaid Virtual Card from Getsby. Our virtual card allows you to pay for Riot Points at League of Legends without sharing your personal debit or credit card information. Using our non-reloadable VCC is more secure, because you’re using a unique 16-digit number each time. This is a perfect way to protect your privacy!

What are Riot Points?

Riot Points (RP) are the in-game currency for League of Legends, Legends of Runterra, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant – some of the world’s biggest multiplayer online games. Whether you are new to League of Legends or an experienced player, you can use Riot Points to unlock characters, customise skins and get new spells and abilities. 

How do I buy Riot Points?

You can buy Riot Points online directly through your League of Legends account, or as a gift card in stores or through an online retailer. The good news is that you can use a Getsby prepaid card to buy your Riot Points by all of these methods. 

If you buy Riot Points through the League of Legends game itself, you just need to use your prepaid card as the payment method after you’ve selected the amount of Riots Points you want to purchase. Enter the card details, click confirm and the points will appear in your account. 

You can also use your virtual card to pay for a Riot Points gift card. After purchasing the gift card you’ll just need to head to your League of Legends account to redeem the code. Enter the code – listed on the card or on the email confirmation you’ve received – click confirm, and the points will then appear in your account.

Virtual Black Card

Use the Virtual Black Card to pay for character skins and other premiums.

These non-reloadable virtual cards allow you to make online purchases up to € 500.

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You can use a Virtual Black Card instead of PayPal and access hundreds of thousands content creators

Prepaid Cards make purchasing Riot Points easy

Simply control how much money a Virtual Black Card has on it by choosing a value between € 5 – € 500 for the card.

This card is perfect for temporary or one time use. You can also block a card at any moment, which gives you complete control over your payments.

You will receive an access token for your disposable card by email within 2 minutes after your payment has been received. After activation, use your 16-digit Mastercard number to purchase discretely online and be sure your privacy and real credit card number are secure.


Purchase online outside the Eurozone with your Disposable Card

Calculate the correct value for your one time use card (link) based on the current Mastercard exchange rates for USD and GBP, including 2.00% FX costs.