Virtual debit Mastercard card for gambling

GamingBest Credit Card Alternative for gambling

The Virtual Debit Card from Getsby will only allow you to spend the available funds on the card. Because of this, you can better manage your budget. The Virtual Card can be spend anywhere online where debit Mastercard is accepted. Using our non-reloadable cards is more secure, because you’re using a unique 16-digit number each time. It’s a perfect way to protect your privacy!

Virtual Debit
Mastercard Cards

You can use a Virtual Black Card instead of PayPal and access hundreds of thousands content creators

Virtual Black Card

Use the Virtual Black Card if you want to do a single deposit to a site.

These non-reloadable virtual cards allow you to spend up to € 500 at once.

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Virtual Green Card - sustainability

Virtual Green Card

Do you want to deposit funds more often? Then this card works for you!

The Virtual Green Card is a reloadable card which you can use to deposit up to € 9,000 per day.

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Prepaid Card is the best Credit Card Alternative

The use of credit cards for online gambling has been banned starting on the 14th of April. From that date, it will be prohibited to use a credit card for online gamble deposits. Prepaid Mastercard cards will be a good alternative for credit card deposits in the future.

With a prepaid card, you can only play and spend what is available on the card. This makes it a great option for controlling your spending as an alternative to credit cards. Take into account responsible gambling tools – and you can take full control of your online gambling budget.


Manage your deposits with a Prepaid Debit Mastercard Card

Simply control how much money a virtual card has on it by choosing a value between € 10 – € 500 for the card. Luckily it is not possible for a merchant to overcharge you, so you’re protected. Just to be safe, please note that you can suspend a card at any given moment. This gives you complete controle in case something happens.

You will receive an access code for your disposable card by email within 2 minutes after your payment has been received. After activation, use your 16-digit Mastercard number to purchase anonymously online and be sure your privacy and real credit card number are secure.


Purchase online outside the Eurozone with your Virtual Mastercard Card

Calculate the correct value for your one time use card (link) based on the current Mastercard exchange rates for USD and GBP, including 2.00% FX costs.