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Gift cards for employees: Why virtual Mastercard is best

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Reward your employees with a virtual gift card

Streamline your employee reward program with Getsby virtual gift cards. Take away the time, effort and hassle of sourcing, buying and delivering gifts for staff birthdays, Christmases, retirements, bonuses and company incentives. 

Getsby gift cards are issued instantly, accessed online, easy-to-use, secure, and are accepted at over 36 million merchants online and in-store. Order today and give your employees a reward they really want. 


Virtual Gift Card – GBP

  • Worldwide online/in-store acceptance
  • £ 750 load limit per card
  • 3 year expiry date
  • No user fees
  • Funds are EMI safeguarded
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Sustainable Non-Reloadable Virtual Mastercard Gift Card

Virtual Gift Card – EUR

  • Worldwide online/in-store acceptance
  • € 1000 load limit per card
  • 3 year expiry date
  • No user fees
  • Funds are EMI safeguarded
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▸ What is a virtual Mastercard gift card?

▸ How does a virtual gift card work?

▸ What can you use a virtual gift card for?

▸ What are the benefits of virtual gift cards?

▸ Why should you choose a Getsby virtual gift card?

▸ Why should you reward your employees with a virtual gift card?


Rewarding employees is a great way to create incentives, boost morale, increase job satisfaction, and build loyalty. Rewards show employees that their hard work is recognized and valued by the organisation they work for.

Maybe business is booming, and your employees are putting in the hard work to keep everything moving forward. Or it’s the holiday season at the tail end of a successful year, or a particular team or individual has smashed their targets. Either way, they should be rewarded and shown that their work has not gone unnoticed.

Choosing how to reward your employees can be tricky as you want to ensure that the offerings are balanced and will be appreciated. Some employers will opt to use gift cards as you can spend the same amount on each person, but finding the right provider can be a tedious process. How can you be sure that the employee will be able to spend the gift card on something they really want? And will the gift card be accepted abroad if you have workers scattered across the globe? For this reason, a virtual prepaid gift card is the perfect gift for an employee, as you can choose exactly how much money is paid onto it, and the employee can choose how to spend it. So, with several virtual gift cards to choose from, how can you be sure of the best option for you?

We are going to take a look at gift cards for employees and find out why virtual Mastercard cards are the best option for rewarding your employees.

What is a virtual Mastercard gift card?

Virtual Mastercard gift cards are prepaid cards that are not linked to a specific bank account. It works a lot like a regular gift card, but thanks to the ‘virtual’ part, it’s a much more sustainable option as there’s no plastic involved.

Unlike many gift cards, which can only be spent at certain retailers, a Getsby prepaid virtual card can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard payments. The Getsby Virtual Mastercard Gift Card is accepted at over 36 million merchants globally, giving recipients a wealth of choices on where to spend their hard-earned reward.

So, let’s jump in and find out how virtual gift cards work.

How does a virtual gift card work?

A virtual gift card works the same way as other virtual prepaid cards. It has a set prepaid value and can be used as soon as it is activated by the user who received it as a gift. The prepaid value is determined by the person or organization that buys the card.

When the user reaches the checkout stage of an online transaction, they should select the Mastercard option and fill in the relevant details of their virtual gift card.

A virtual gift card can also be added to an existing Google Pay or Apple Pay account, which makes paying for your purchases even easier and faster. Users can make quick, contactless payments using either Apple Pay or Google Pay on their smartphones.

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What can you use a virtual gift card for?

A Getsby Virtual Mastercard Gift Card can be used for purchases at any retailer that accepts regular Mastercard payments, which means that a virtual gift card can be used at over 36 million merchants.

These may include:

  • Apps from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or other online app and software stores.
  • Online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, amongst countless others.
  • Subscription services including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  • Online gaming networks including PlayStation Plus, Steam, Xbox Live, Fortnite, Fifa, League of Legends, etc.
  • You can also use a Getsby virtual gift card for in-store purchases by simply adding the card to your Google Pay or Apple Pay account. Or you can spend your virtual gift card on leisure activities, from eating out at your favourite restaurant to spending the day at an amusement park, to a trip to the cinema or even a holiday.


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What are the benefits of virtual gift cards?

Virtual cards have multiple benefits that make them a great option for gift cards to give to employees and also for personal use.

Virtual cards are instantly issued and do not need to be delivered, so users can access them immediately. Instant electronic delivery also offers flexibility to the business ordering them for their employees as they can order them whenever needed rather than having to stock rewards for future use.

Moreover, because the card is virtual and accessed online, there is no way for it to be lost or misplaced by the user.

Virtual cards are also an eco-friendly alternative to physical cards as no plastic is used in the making of them. Plus, since there’s no need to post them, your business saves on any postal delivery fees and materials.

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Why should you choose a Getsby virtual gift card?

Many virtual gift card options fall into the category of “closed loop” cards. This means that they can only be spent at a selection of online shopping retailers that operate in certain countries.

For example, One4all is a well-known digital gift card provider, but they are limited to around 65,000 merchants in Ireland and the UK.

Other physical and virtual gift cards may be linked to a single retailer, meaning they can only be spent at one online store. An Amazon gift card, for example, gives the user access to the millions of products available to buy on Amazon, but users can’t spend their gift money off the Amazon platform. Amazon has plenty of great products, but the recipient may prefer to spend their gift card on a dinner at their favourite restaurant or support a local fashion boutique. A virtual Mastercard allows them to do just that—provided the retailer accepts Mastercard.

Also, an Amazon gift card can only be spent on the local Amazon site, so you cannot make purchases from abroad. This is an extra hassle for bosses buying gift cards, especially for those with remote teams working in different countries, as they will need to have multiple accounts and pay using local currencies.

A Getsby virtual gift card can be used in millions of online stores, and if you link it to an Apple Pay or Google Pay account, it can also be used for in-store purchases.

Not only can Getsby cards be spent in stores worldwide, but they are also one of the few gift cards that can be issued internationally. This makes them the ideal reward for companies and organisations that operate internationally or that have remote workers across the globe.

Getsby Amazon One4all
No. of Participating stores 36 million + Amazon sites only Around 55,000 in the UK and 8,500 in Ireland
International usage Accepted worldwide Can only be used on the site that operates in the country it was purchased in. UK and Ireland
Issued Issued worldwide Country-specific gift cards can be purchased on,,,,,,,,,,, or Issued in UK and Ireland
Validity period 36 months 10 years 18 months (until fees are charged)
Limitations Can only be spent in stores that accept Mastercard Payments Can only be spent on Amazon, and companies will need to have an account per country to order cards. A closed loop card that can only be spent with participating retailers.
Fees £3.99/€3.99 + 2% activation fee

2% FX fee

No dormancy/inactivity fees

No fees Inactivity fee of £0.90 (€1.45)is charged per month after the first 18 months if the card is not used
Unique benefits Provides a single platform that allows you to issue and load cards instantly to anywhere in the world. Entirely free from fees and remains valid for a decade Can be purchased from the Post Office and Tescos as well as online

Why should you reward your employees with a virtual gift card?

Rewarding your employees has numerous benefits that lead to stronger performances, greater dedication and loyalty, and higher motivation.

Recognising hard work by offering employee rewards will boost morale and increase overall job satisfaction. It also means that employees are more likely to stay with a business as they feel valued.

The benefits are not limited to the employees. The business is then also subsequently rewarded by the positive effects from employees that feel valued and cared for. Businesses that reward their employees are likely to benefit from increased productivity, higher standards of work, lower rates of sick leave, and potentially even an increase in profit.

You should aim to reward your employees either frequently with smaller gifts or less frequently with larger gifts. It sounds counterintuitive, but employees often appreciate smaller, more frequent gifts over more expensive rewards. A virtual gift card is ideal for both scenarios as you can choose the card’s value and, therefore, can either give bigger or smaller amounts.

Another great reason to choose a virtual Mastercard as a gift for employees is that it makes gift giving so much easier. Bosses and HR executives who may be racking their brains over what to buy for someone who they may not know very well can simply choose a virtual Mastercard as a gift card, allowing the employee to spend the money on a gift or experience they’ll enjoy.

Moreover, Getsby provides a single easy-to-use platform that allows you to issue and load gift cards instantly to anywhere in the world, which makes rewarding your employees easier than ever before. The ability to provide an international gift card that can be given and used worldwide is a huge benefit for companies and makes Getsby unique.

Finally, these virtual cards can easily be sent to remote and in-office workers alike, so no one gets left out.

It’s important that employees can see exactly what they need to do to achieve their targets and receive appropriate awards to ensure that no one feels forgotten. Be sure to remain consistent with your reward-giving and set clear goals that, if achieved, will be rewarded.


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A virtual Mastercard gift card is the perfect reward for employees as you can choose exactly how much is on the prepaid card, and the employee has millions of options for where they can spend it as they are not limited to one store or brand. Furthermore, virtual Mastercard gift cards are a flexible and simple option for your business as you can simply order more when you need them, and there is no delivery delay.

So, if your employees have been putting in the extra hours and working particularly hard, consider a virtual Mastercard gift card as a reward and a sign to show that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

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