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Pay for Tinder (discreetly) with a prepaid card

Last updated: 25/10/2023

Many people are turning to dating sites and apps to find love in the digital age. There are countless apps to choose from, from Bumble and Hinge to Plenty of Fish and Facebook Dating. However, one app stands out amongst the competition: Tinder.

Tinder can be downloaded and used for free. The dating giant also offers paid subscription options that provide a premium service.

In this article, we’ll look at what’s offered with Tinder’s subscription services and how you can pay for them (without worrying that the app will pop up on your bank statement!).

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▸ What is Tinder?

▸ How does Tinder work?

▸ Is Tinder free to use?

▸ Why pay for a Tinder subscription?

▸ What are the different Tinder subscriptions?

▸ How much does a Tinder subscription cost?

▸ Is it cheaper to pay for a Tinder subscription on the web?

▸ What is the best subscription tier for Tinder?

▸ How much do Boosts and Super Likes cost?

▸ Tinder payment methods

▸ How to pay for Tinder discreetly

What is Tinder?

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world. In July 2023, the Tinder app had over six million downloads worldwide. Competitors such as Litmatch and Bumble both had fewer than 4.5 million downloads in the same month.

Tinder aims to connect singles with one another in their local area. Users create a profile by adding photos and information about themselves. They then search through other profiles to try and find a match.

Once users have matched with each other, they can exchange messages. Users can chat with each other on the app before deciding whether they want to take things further and meet in person. Although Tinder has a reputation for casual relationships, the app can often lead to serious relationships — even marriage!

How does Tinder work?

Tinder began in 2012 and was the first dating app to use a ‘swiping feature’. Users “swipe right” if they like a profile or “swipe left” if they’re not keen on other users’ profiles. If two users both swipe right, their profiles match, and they can message each other.

In the past, Tinder used an algorithm that ranked users on their popularity (or ‘attractiveness’). Users who had the most right swipes would be given a higher rank and displayed amongst other profiles with a similar rank. However, Tinder has since removed this algorithm and now prioritises profiles that are the most active and online at the same time.

Users can choose the location radius that they want matches to be in. They can also set preferences for age and gender. Tinder prompts users to input information about their interests and hobbies and link their Instagram and Spotify pages to their profiles. Photographs are probably the most important aspect of a profile, though. Some users will decide whether to swipe right or left by looking at the first photo on someone’s profile.

Is Tinder free to use?

You can create a free Tinder account, which allows you to view, match, and message other users. Anyone can set up a Tinder account as long as they are over 18 years old. You can access the app via the App Store and Google Play Store or by visiting the website on

Why pay for a Tinder subscription?

Paying for a premium Tinder account doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get more matches. However, it means you have more control over how many profiles you can see and how often others see your profile.

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What are the different Tinder subscription options?


Tinder Plus gives you unlimited likes and unlimited rewinds (the ability to go back to your last swipe and change it). The tier also hides advertisements and allows you to search for matches based on a specific location of your choice. You can also hide some information, such as your age and distance.


Gold has the same benefits as Plus, along with a few extras. This premium package gives you five ‘Super Likes’ each week. A Super Like tells another user that you really like their profile and helps your profile stand out with a blue border and star. The Gold tier also allows you to see who’s swiped right on you, and Tinder will give you daily top profile picks based on your preferences.


Platinum has all the benefits of Plus and Gold, plus more! With a Platinum subscription, you can message before matching, prioritize likes, and see their likes over the past seven days. Both Platinum and Gold also give you one free boost each month (if you subscribe for one month or more), which makes your profile one of the top profiles in your area for a limited time.

Upgrading to a Plus, Gold, or Platinum Tinder subscription also gives you access to Incognito mode. This feature enables you to view other users’ profiles without appearing in their recommendation feeds unless you’ve liked them.


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How much does a Tinder subscription cost?

The costs for subscribing to Tinder vary depending on which subscription level you choose and which device you’re using. Based on our research, we’ve outlined the 2023 prices* in the tables below.


Period iOS Android Web
Period1 week iOS€ 8.99   | £ 9.99 Android€ 8.99   | £ 9.99 Web€ 7.99   | £ 8.99
Period1 month iOS€ 16.49  | £ 19.49 Android€ 14.99  | £ 19.49 Web€ 13.49  | £ 17.49
Period6 months iOS€ 48.99 | £ 58.99 Android€ 45.99 | £ 58.99 Web€ 40.99 | £ 52.99



Period iOS Android Web
Period1 week iOS€ 13.99  | £ 14.99 Android€ 13.99  | £ 14.99 Web€ 12.49  | £ 13.49
Period1 month iOS€ 27.49 | £ 29.49 Android€ 25.99 | £ 29.49 Web€ 22.99 | £ 26.49
Period6 months iOS€ 81.99 | £ 87.99 Android€ 74.99 | £ 87.99 Web€ 67.49 | £ 78.99



Period iOS Android Web
Period1 week iOS€ 16.99  | £ 19.99 Android€ 16.99  | £ 19.99 Web€ 14.99  | £ 17.99
Period1 month iOS€ 32.99 | £ 38.99 Android€ 30.99 | £ 38.99 Web€ 27.49 | £ 34.99
Period6 months iOS€ 98.99 | £ 116.99 Android€ 89.99 | £ 116.99 Web€ 80.99 | £ 104.99

*Source: Tinder website and apps, October 2023.

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Is it cheaper to pay for a Tinder subscription on the web?

As you can see from the tables in the previous section, buying a Tinder subscription on the web is cheaper than subscribing through the app. You will save £4 (€3.50) if you sign up for a month but committing for 6 months the saving adds up to £12 (€10). If you sign up for a longer period then you can expect to save up to 18% in subscription fees simply by paying through the website rather than through the app on Android or iOS.


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What is the best subscription tier for Tinder?

There isn’t a ‘best’ subscription to use; it depends on what you want from the app and which tier you subscribe to. You don’t even have to pay for a subscription if you don’t want to, as many users find matches on the free version.

Tinder Gold is a good option to see who likes you or if you want to Super Like. You might want to pay a bit more and get Platinum if you want to message someone before they swipe your profile. The best way to decide on which subscription to get is to think about what features you think you’ll use and your budget.

How much do Boosts and Super Likes cost?

On Tinder, you can buy Boosts and Super Likes separately, even if you only have the free version. Here are the costs*:


Quantity iOS Android Web
Quantity1 iOS€   11.99   |   £   9.99 Android€   11.99   |   £   7.99 Web€ 10.49   |   £   8.99
Quantity3 iOS€ 29.99   |          N/A Android€ 29.99   |          N/A Web€ 26.99   |          N/A
Quantity5 iOS       N/A   |   £ 41.99 Android       N/A   |   £ 28.99 Web       N/A   |   £ 37.49
Quantity10 iOS       N/A   |   £ 69.99 Android       N/A   |   £ 52.99 Web       N/A   |   £ 62.99
Quantity15 iOS€ 39.99   |          N/A Android€ 39.99   |          N/A Web€ 35.99   |          N/A


Super Likes

Quantity iOS Android Web
Quantity3 iOS€ 11.99 AndroidUpgrade to Gold Web€ 8.99
Quantity15 iOS€ 46.99 AndroidUpgrade to Gold Web€ 36.49
Quantity30 iOS€ 69.99 AndroidUpgrade to Gold Web€ 58.49

*Source: Tinder website and apps, October 2023.

If you are in the UK and you’re using the free or Plus versions of Tinder, you will need to upgrade to the Gold subscription to send more than one Super Like a day.

Tinder payment methods

You can pay for your Tinder subscription using the following payment methods. Some payment methods are dependent on which country you’re in and which device you’re using.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are a good way to control your subscription and recurring payments. You enter the card details (as you would a debit or credit card). If you only want to subscribe for one month, you can pay your card the exact subscription fee. Tinder won’t be able to charge your card the following month if it doesn’t have sufficient funds, which will effectively end your subscription.

One of the benefits of prepaid cards is that they aren’t directly linked to your bank account. This means the payment won’t appear on your bank statement as the money won’t be taken directly from your account. You can discreetly pay for your Tinder subscription without worrying about a paper trail in your bank statement.

Credit and debit cards

Accepted credit cards and debit cards include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Remember that the subscription payment will appear on your credit or debit card statement if you enter your card details directly into Tinder’s payment form. The wording in the transaction reference may vary, but it’s possible that it will specify the payment was for Tinder.


You can pay for your Tinder subscription via PayPal. However, this payment method isn’t available in every country, so you’ll need to double-check if you can use it. Your payment will appear in your PayPal account summary.

Google Play and Google Pay

You can add various payment methods to your Google Play Store and Google Pay account. These payment methods can be added to your account via the Google Play app. You can select which payment method you want to use for your Tinder subscription when you come to pay for your subscription.

App Store

As with Google Play, you can link various payment methods to the App Store. This includes Apple gift cards and iTunes gift cards. If you pay via your Apple ID, your Tinder subscription will show on your billing as a standard iTunes or Apple app purchase.

How to pay for Tinder discreetly

Your Tinder subscription will appear on your bank or credit card statement if you use credit and debit cards. However, you can hide the transaction by using a prepaid card instead. The card isn’t directly linked to your bank account, so your bank statement won’t show the subscription payment.

You might want to keep the subscription hidden for any number of reasons. It could be that you don’t want your parents or anyone else who has access to your bank statement to see it. You might also be worried about a data breach if you share your credit or debit card details with the app.

A prepaid card can help you pay Tinder while keeping the subscription discreet. You can use your prepaid card as you would a debit or credit card. All you need to do is decide how much money you want to put on the card and then select it as your payment method on Tinder. The card isn’t directly linked to your bank account, so you can only spend the amount on your prepaid card.




Tinder offers a free month trial for its premium services. You can use a prepaid card to sign up for the trial and then cancel the recurring payments once the trial is finished. If you don’t have sufficient funds on your prepaid card, you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting charged for another month’s subscription because Tinder will be unable to charge the card. Prepaid cards also ensure your online payments are secure, as cyber criminals cannot access your bank account through them.

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