Updated: 06/11/2023

More and more companies are using Prepaid Gift Cards from Mastercard® to meet a wide range of business needs. The automotive industry uses prepaid cards as a form of reward for incentive and reward promotions and loyalty programs.

Trade-in promotions or discounts

Consumers are more stimulated by (cash) money than by a discount on the sales price of a product. This is especially true when purchasing a car or motorcycle, which are often purchased with financing. If the discount is included in the sales price in such a case, the price reduction will hardly be noticeable in the monthly repayment amount.

Consumers see more value in a direct and tangible reward. A €250 Prepaid Mastercard Card can be used immediately to purchase almost anything. As a result, consumers enjoy a prepaid card more than discounts, travel incentives or experiences.

Recalls and gifts

Prepaid cards are the ideal automotive incentive to use to compensate for recalls, service problems or as a thank you to strengthen loyalty.

Unlike a cash transfer, prepaid cards can be provided with a logo and design. In addition, they offer a more personal and premium experience than a bank transfer.

Transferred funds are usually spent on groceries, bills and other fixed costs. Prepaid cards have a higher attention value. Recipients are more likely to use their prepaid card to treat themselves to something special that they otherwise would not buy.

Test drive promotions

There are several brands that offer incentives for a test drive. In this way they easily introduce consumers to a higher price range or a new model to be launched. Prepaid cards of €50-100 are ideally suited for this as an automotive incentive. This form of incentive increases the number of requests for a test drive. You can also provide the prepaid card with tailor-made packaging to provide the consumer with more information and promotions.

Marketing actions

Are you giving away goods through a social media campaign? Do you need prizes or free giveaways? Prepaid cards are an ideal tool! They can be topped up with any amount and recipients can take them almost anywhere.

The card can be presented in many ways. The card carrier, extra leaflets and the envelope can be custom made, further strengthening the brand experience.

In addition, there is an option to report user data. This makes it easy to see the impact of the marketing investments.

Incentives and rewards for employees

Use Prepaid Mastercard Cards as a reward for sales employees, as a thank you for years of service or as an incentive for training. Prepaid cards offer the recipient a lot of choice, and take little time in purchasing or planning compared to merchandise or travel rewards.


Order the Getsby, the premium automotive incentive

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