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Transfer funds from a Prepaid Virtual Card to your bank account

Updated: 02/11/2023

Have you received a Virtual Mastercard Gift Card, and do you want to transfer the funds to your bank account via your PayPal account? Then follow the steps below.

How does it work to transfer funds to your PayPal account?

  1. In your standard PayPal account, go to “Transfer money and payment requests”
  2. Click on “Create invoice”
  3. click on “+ Create”
  4. Enter a personal email address in that not linked is to a PayPal account
  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer from your prepaid gift card
  6. Click on “Send”
  7. Go to your email account and click on “View invoice and pay”
  8. Click on “Pay XXX EUR” at the top left
  9. Click on bottom gray bar – “Pay as guest” or “Pay with credit card”
  10. Then fill in all the details, including the details of the gift card
  11. Click on “Do you want to open a PayPal account?” to “No thanks” and agree to the terms
  12. Choose is the “Select a conversion option” pop-up for “Pay in the merchant’s currency”
  13. After payment, your money is equal to the PayPal account, after which you can transfer it to your payment account

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NB. We would like to point out that PayPal minimum 3.4% fee + € 0.35 and possible exchange costs means the amount transferred. If you want to avoid the exchange rate, please call with PayPal to change the currency setting of the card.

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