Activating and Managing Your New Card With Ease

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Prepaid virtual cards are revolutionizing how we make transactions and spend money online. Unlike many other payment solutions, virtual cards don’t link to your bank account, giving you complete anonymity and unparalleled security. 

activating and managing your new card with ease

With a range of features, including encryption technology, tokenization, and MasterCard Secure 2.0 , Getsby Virtual Cards give you a safe and secure way to spend money. 

In this guide, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about activating and managing your new card for a seamless experience.

Activating a Getsby Virtual Card 

So, now you’ve chosen your card and are ready to enjoy stress-free spending, it’s time to activate it. We’ve streamlined the process, ensuring you can enjoy seamless spending without jumping through hoops to access your account. 

  1. Once you check out, you’ll receive an email detailing your purchase. Just click the activate account button, and we’ll take you to the card activation page. 
  2. Input your mobile number and eight-digit token. We’ll send an SMS code to your phone, and you’ll need to enter it to confirm your registration. 
  3. Go back to your activation email and click the link to complete our verification process. We’ll ask you to take two selfies and scan proof of your identity, such as a passport, full driver’s license or ID card. 
  4. Show us proof of your address by either scanning in a utility bill or official document you received in the past three months.
  5. We’ll verify your information and then let you access your account. In most cases, this takes 30 minutes or a bit longer, but we always aim to complete our checks quickly.

Loading your new card 

Virtual prepaid cards work similarly to mobile top-up cards, allowing you to load money onto the card and spend securely. 

The Black and Green cards work differently, but both are convenient to load and come with a range of compatible payment options , including Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express, iDeal and MasterCard. 

Loading the Black Virtual Card 

Our highly secure Virtual Black Card is a single load option, which means you top it up once and use it until the balance depletes. Each card has a €500 load limit, and once it’s empty, you can order and activate a replacement. 

While it’s a single-load card, you can make multiple payments on different days until the balance runs out. Many people use the Black Card for spending abroad, making online investments, and ensuring security for important transactions. 

Loading the Green Virtual Card 

The innovative Virtual Green Card is a convenient payment solution that allows users to make a positive contribution to the environment. Once activated, you can use it for three years, loading the card as and when you want. 

The Green Card is ideal for managing subscriptions, making trades, and protecting personal information online. After two years of use, cardholders will also become carbon neutral.

Spending with Getsby 

Getsby cards are compatible with merchants that offer MasterCard transactions, giving you access to over 36 million in-store and online opportunities. Users can connect their card to Google Pay and Apple Pay, facilitating seamless mobile transactions. 

Make one-off payments 

The Black Card is ideal for making one-off payments without risking your personal information. 

For example, if you deposit money into a trading account, you can use the card’s €500 limit to make online investments without giving the platform your banking details. 

Spend online and in-store 

We all know how easy it is to get carried away while enjoying a shopping spree. Whether shopping online or grabbing great deals in your city, spending habits can quickly get out of control. 

Our cards give you more control over spending because you preload them with a chosen amount, ensuring you spend wisely and shop securely. 

Manage your subscriptions 

Subscriptions are everywhere right now, and many people find they end up with high renewal charges they’d forgotten about. 

As Getsby cards stop allowing transactions after the funds deplete, you can avoid getting trapped into subscriptions and keep track of your spending habits. 

Go international 

Going abroad used to mean heading to a currency exchange, but technology means it’s no longer necessary. 

More people are choosing digital payments instead, with debit and credit cards being the most popular ways to spend abroad. 

Using a Virtual Card for international spending gives you lower FX rates and more convenience. It also means you can shop internationally without compromising your personal information.

Green Card spending charges and limits 

Accessing a Green Card means paying an initial fee of €3.99 + 3%, but from the second month of ownership, you’ll pay just €0.99 monthly. 

Our top-up charges are €2.00 or 3%, but users can load larger sums to reduce the overall fees. Daily spending limits are €9,000, while monthly limits are €30,000. 

Green Card holders can also take advantage of up to €3,500 monthly ATM withdrawals.

Black Card spending charges and limits 

Our Black Card has an initial activation fee of €2.99 + 3%, but there are no monthly or transaction fees. Users can benefit from 2% FX rates and access up to 25 monthly non-reloadable cards. 

Spending limits are set at €2,500 daily or €10,000 a month, letting you enjoy convenient transactions abroad or online.


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