Disposable virtual mastercard card

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Keep your real credit card number protected with a disposable card

The Virtual Card from Getsby is a disposable Mastercard you can spend anywhere online where debit Mastercard is accepted. Using a burner card is more secure, because you’re using a unique 16-digit number each time. This is a perfect way to protect you in case of any data breach.

Disposable Virtual Black Card

Simply control how much money a Virtual Black Card has on it by choosing a value between € 5 – € 500 for the card. Luckily it is not possible for a merchant to overcharge you, so you’re protected. Just to be safe, please note that you can block a card at any given moment. This gives you complete control in case something happens.

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You can use a Virtual Black Card instead of PayPal and access hundreds of thousands content creators

The benefits of a
disposable Virtual Card

card protected

Your bank details are secure in case of a data breach and reduce fraud by using 3D Secure from Mastercard.

instant issuing

Get new cards on the fly. Easily order new Virtual Cards in your account and receive them within seconds.

Disposable card

Perfect for single-use. Use a burner Virtual Card for every new online purchase.

Onlyfans and privacy

Using non-reloadable cards adds an extra layer as these cards are not linked to bank account or credit card.

Wallet payment - Use your prepaid Mastercard online or at any store

Add your Virtual Card to Google Pay or Apple Pay for in-store purchases.

Enjoy all the benefits of using your Prepaid Mastercard Card

Use your Virtual Card worldwide at over 36 million merchants that accept Mastercard.

How to use your One-time Virtual Card

You will receive an access token for your disposable card by email within 2 minutes after your payment has been received. After activation, use your 16-digit Mastercard number to purchase discretely online and be sure your privacy and real credit card number are secure.


Purchase online outside the Eurozone with your Disposable Card

Calculate the correct value for your one time use card (link) based on the current Mastercard exchange rates for USD and GBP, including 2.00% FX costs.