Activate your virtual card, purchase new cards and connect the virtual card with your smartphone.

I received a Mastercard Gift Card 

Received a Mastercard Gift Card? Welcome to the new world of online payments. Follow the steps to activate your gift card and start spending anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Activate your Mastercard Gift Card

  • Select ‘Activate Account’ or go to  
  • Enter your 8-digit token and your phone number
  • Confirm with the code you received per SMS and finish the registration
  • Click on the link in the activation email and activate your account

I received  a virtual gift card before, what are the next steps?

Good to hear you enjoyed your previous Virtual Mastercard Gift Card. When activating multiple cards, you can easily add your new card to your existing account. 

  • You will receive an activation email
  • Log in on with your existing account 
  • Select Link Card’
  • Enter your 8-digit Token 
  • Your new virtual card is ready to use
  • To easily recognize the virtual card, simply change the name of the card above the shown balance

In store payments

Using contactless payments, you are able to pay using your smartphone in shops. 

wallet pay

What are the gift cards used for?

You can use gift cards for numerous things. Use your card for online subscriptions, online shopping, creator platforms or online gambling.