Why is my online transaction being declined?

In the event that an online transaction is declined, this could be due to several reasons. Below we have listed the most likely reasons with the including the solution:

  • The name, address or zip code in the card account does not match the information you enter on the website where you are trying to use the card – Check that all details are correct
  • The total value of your purchase is higher than the balance on your gift card – Decrease the total amount to a maximum of the balance on your gift card
  • Your gift card has not yet been activated – Complete the activation process
  • You are trying to link your gift card to a subscription with a direct debit – Please pay the entire term in one go
  • Your gift card is temporarily blocked – Contact our customer service
  • You trying to transfer the balance to another payment provider such as Revolut, Monzo or bunq – This is not possible due to the restrictions from the issuing bank

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