How do I verify my identity?

After receiving your first activation email, you will go through a one-time verification process. To complete the process, you need to:

  • Make two selfies, one neutral and one smiling;
  • Scan an identification document. This can be a passport, ID card or a full driver’s license. All details must be clearly visible on the scan;
  • And scan a proof of address. The best way to provide this, is by uploading a pdf of your energy- or phone bill which is not older than three (3) months.

Some tips to get your identity verification first time right

  • Make sure there is enough light in the room where you’re taking the photo
  • Select the highest photo quality on the device you use to take the photo
  • Do not cover any information on your identity document.
  • Make sure both selfies are taken real-time

If we don’t accept your document:

  • It may have some of the information covered. We need to see the full document photo page.
  • It may be expired. Please check that your document is still valid before you upload it.
  • Your details may not match. Please check that you have entered your name and date of birth correctly on the website.
  • It may be a document type that we can’t accept, e.g a provisional driver’s license

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