How can I top-up my Virtual Green Card?

Top-up using another credit- or debit card

You can easily top up your Virtual Green Card via your Card account. Press the “Card account” tab in account or log in directly to In your Card account you can add balance to your Virtual Card under the “Top up” tab. You can select a direct top-up using your debit- or credit card. Via this method you can top-up up to € 500 per load, with a maximum of € 1000 per day.

Steps to top-up using another credit- or debit card

  1. Select the preferred amount to top-up your Green CardTop-up amount

  2. Enter all your credit- or debit card details and press “Continue”credit card details

  3. The top-up has been processed and the card is saved for future top-upsSaved cards

Top-up via bank transfer

If you opt for a bank transfer, a unique IBAN is visible for your account to which you can transfer your balance. You can top-up up to € 7500 per bank transfer with a maximum of € 7500 per day. The balance is generally added to your account on the same day.

Steps to top-up via bank transfer

  1. Select the payment method “Bank transfer”Payment method

  2. Here, you will see all information that is linked to your Green CardAccount information

  3. To start the bank transfer, please go to your online banking app e.g. Revolut, N26 or Bunq and select “bank transfer”

  4. Enter the top-up amount for the Green Card

  5. For the beneficiary of the bank transfer, please copy the name of the recipient and add this to the transferBeneficiary

  6. Next, you copy the EE IBAN that is linked to your Green Card and also add this to the bank transferAccount IBAN

  7. In case your bank requires a BIC/SWIFT, please enter LHVBEE22XXX

  8. You can now complete the bank transfer in your online banking app

  9. After the transfer has been completed, it will take about 10-15 minutes* before the funds are added to your Green Card balance.

*If the funds take longer than 15 minutes to arrive, your bank may have converted the bank transfer to a regular SEPA transfer. In that case it can take up to 1 business day before the balance is credited to your account.

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